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   November  2007
   November  2006
My Day as Co-Driver in this car.

Day 2 Classic Adelaide 2007
Lancia Delta Integrale 16V Circa 1990.

245 bhp
Turbo 1.2 bar
Road racing tyres .
Understeer...        None detected!
Oversteer ...         None detected!
Turn in....             Instant!
Amount of grip...  Absoutely insane!
Owner/Driver P.C.
Victor Harbour for Lunch.
Some say,
he doesn't understand clouds, and
that his ear wax tastes like honey.

All we know is, he's called The S..G    ; )
Me just pretending to be the driver. ; )
Keeping a sense of humour after sustaining a a split fuel hose on Crows Nest Stage.
Preparing for stage one of the day. So many 911's, I think they must breed quietly in garages somewhere!

Surname of drivers in second car?
De Tomaso!      Fair dinkum!
Lining up for the start of Crows Nest Stage.
Rest of these at exit of Crows Nest.